Anastasia, graphic designer at Reservio: I enjoy when visual language speaks to people

Apr 29, 2018
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Anastazia from Reservio
Reservio was founded in 2012 as a project by two college classmates, Boris Bošiak and František Mazuch. In 2013, the promising Brno start-up was supported by an investment from Webnode. Now the Reservio booking system works in 12 languages and is used by hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs in dozens of countries around the world. Every few seconds, a new reservation is created in Reservio.

From a practical operator of a smart reservation system for companies and entrepreneurs, Reservio is gradually moving to end users and starting a new stage in its development.

The launch of an app for customers, which allows them to book several different services from different providers directly from their mobile phones, was the first sign of things to come. Easy, fast and clear. Understandably, with the expansion of the services offered came the need for a visual rebranding of the company, which started a few weeks ago with the introduction of a new logo. We talked to the company's graphic designer Anastasia Okuntseva about it and the process of creating the new visual identity.

How long did the process of creating the new logo take?

The whole process took about one month. But the development of the visual language, i.e. everything that is connected with the brand as such (colours, shapes, typographic rules, images...) is still ongoing. Basically, it's a never-ending job.

Can you explain how the logo creation process is step by step?

At the beginning, there are hours and hours of listening and in-depth interviews, with a variety of participants in the process, including management and staff. Then a visual audit and further research is conducted. This is followed by a series of experiments with the logo design until the most appropriate one is chosen.

Only then will it be placed on all materials, both online and offline. For us specifically, it was a process of going back and forth and iterating to really arrive at the best solution.

Looking at the new logo, it looks like a combination of a bookmark and a flag. Was that the purpose? What does the new logo actually symbolize?

The new logo and language represents the vision of the founders and the new direction the company and its products are taking.

The bookmark loosely transitioning into a flag symbolizes the transition from a company that operates a reservation system for small, medium and large businesses to a company that offers an experience-based tool that connects business with the natural urban environment.

This dynamic change is a boost for the future. At the same time, we wanted to keep the colours that inherently accompanied the original logo and continue to use them in some form.

Do you have any recommendations for companies that are starting to rebrand? When and how is the best time to start the process?

In my experience, the need for rebranding comes gradually and only at a certain point does it become "critical". In my opinion, that's the point at which you really need to start. It is no longer possible to ignore the need for a new visual brand identity.

My main advice for entrepreneurs is to find the right people who believe in your idea and are loyal to your brand. Such people will care a lot about the outcome and will be sensitive to change. It's also important to be open-minded, to go in with an open mind and not throw ideas off the table without consideration.

What is the most satisfying thing for you as a graphic designer? Is it enough that people simply like the logo you designed, or is it something more?

The greatest pleasure for me is to see how the visual language of the company speaks to people, not only through the logo, but also through typography, form, images and many other elements of the visual system. It's rewarding to see the visual system grow and reach new groups.

The new Reservio logo can now be found not only on the website, but also on Facebook and directly in the app. We hope you like it as much as we do.


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