Automated Reminder and Message System

Did you know that clients forget about roughly 20% of their bookings?
Don't take the risk of losing profit. Use automated reminders to keep your clients informed and ensure they arrive on time for their appointments.
  • SMS and e-mail reminders
  • Messages for clients and employees
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Let the software work for you

Sending messages and reminders to clients and employees works automatically based on your work schedule.
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Impress clients with personalized messages

Customize the text of your automatic reminder messages. Clients appreciate messages that address them by their names.
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No more sudden surprising changes

Inform clients and employees of any calendar changes that may cause them to miss their appointment.
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Minimize the risk of losing profit

Remind clients of their appointments and make sure they do not miss them. All services and events will then go as planned.
Conversation between client and business

Walk clients through each step of the customer journey

Provide clients with a more personalized experience and keep them updated at every stage of their reservation, from confirmation and changes to appointment reminders.
  • Make sure your clients show up at the scheduled time
  • Stay in touch with clients on a regular basis and build a solid relationship with them
  • Clients can cancel their bookings in advance, freeing up slots for others
  • Inform clients of the booking's acceptance or rejection, as well as its alteration or cancellation
  • Export your client database and use their information for targeted email marketing
SMS reminders

Keep your team ready

Send out automated notifications to you and your team to ensure that you are always prepared for new clients and upcoming bookings.
  • No more late arrivals or clients waiting for a staff member
  • Find out about new and cancelled bookings right away
  • Get notifications about pending bookings
  • The Reservio Business mobile app delivers notifications to smartphones
  • Share business updates and tips with your staff

Make the most of text messages and emails

Achieve outstanding results with Reservio's automated messages.
decrease in missed bookings
email deliverability
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profit increase
SMS appointment reminder

Count on a 98% text message read rate

Make the most of automated reminders sent directly to clients' phones.
  • The most convenient way to see reminders, all you need is your cell phone
  • 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes
  • 60% of clients prefer SMS reminders over email information
Email booking reminder

Automatic emails are completely free

With an unlimited text length, you can give your clients all of the information they need. They will know what to expect and how to prepare in advance.
  • Sending emails for free
  • Emails can include a direct cancellation button
  • Create a database of your clients' email addresses
  • Promote your business using email marketing


Credit bundles for SMS notifications are available. With each SMS sent, credit is deducted from your bundle. For prices valid for your country, check the table below:
Prices do not include VAT, which is determined based on the user’s billing country. The final price can be seen on the purchase page, before payment is completed.
Automatic reminders and notifications are messages that can be sent to you, your clients, and your employees. You can choose which types of messages are sent and how far in advance. This feature allows you to conveniently remind clients of upcoming appointments, confirm bookings, or notify them of any changes or cancellations. Additionally, the content of text and email messages can be tailored for each client.
Reminders sent to clients can lower the risk of them forgetting about the scheduled appointment by up to 75%, ensuring that you do not lose earnings. Try Reservio for free and benefit from premium features such as a Loyalty program and a Booking Website that can save you up to 15 minutes on every booking.
The types of automated messages differ based on who you send them to.
You can send clients 7 different types of reminders to assist them with the booking process:
  • Booking pending approval
  • Booking confirmation
  • Booking declined
  • Booking cancellation
  • Rescheduled booking
  • Booking reminder
  • Feedback request
You and the employees can receive 4 types of notifications that will notify you of the following situations:
  • Booking confirmation
  • Booking cancellation
  • Booking awaiting confirmation
  • News and tips
You can choose the form of their delivery for almost all types of messages. You can send text messages, email messages, or a combination of both. For more details, please see the guides on how to set up reminders for clients or how to set up notifications for you and your employees.
Yes, you can send free email reminders. This is an efficient way to inform clients of changes in their booking status or to remind them of an upcoming deadline at no additional cost. You can write your own content for emails because their length is unlimited. Include any relevant details, such as how clients should prepare for their appointment and what they should bring.
Sign up for a booking system that allows you to send free email reminders today.
There are multiple ways to make sure that clients arrive on time for their appointments. Automated reminders are by far the most effective. You can send them to clients by text message or email at any time.
On average, people forget up to 20% of their bookings, causing you to lose profit. You can minimize this by up to 75% with automatic reminders. Try Reservio for free and benefit from a number of extra premium features to make business management easier.
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