Branded app in App store

Create Your Own Branded App

With a customized app, you can make booking easier for your clients and build an exclusive relationship with them while increasing brand awareness.
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Linked to your calendar
Branded app in App store
Step 1

We design the app

You send us your brand's logo, colors, and any additional elements you wish to add. We make a design based on your specifications.

Step 2

You approve it

Your feedback is essential for the app to accurately reflect the brand. Let’s work together to find a solution that meets your requirements.

Step 3

Clients download

We upload your app to Google Play and the App Store. Clients can download it to their devices and book with you right away.

Booking details in branded app

Instant online booking and payment

The app makes it easy for clients to learn about your business. You receive a reservation in your calendar and payment in your account in seconds.
  • Meetings
  • Services
  • Events
  • Classes
Overview of bookings in branded app

Great overview thanks to client profile

Clients can manage their personal information, bookings, loyalty program activity, payment statements, and much more at any time. They easily stay in touch with your business and review your services.
Loyalty program in branded app

Increase your client base and revenue

Encourage client loyalty by offering vouchers, passes and memberships. They can use the client app to learn about seasonal deals and make purchases instantly.
Mobile notifications from branded app

Free in-app notifications

Notify clients of a schedule change, news, or an upcoming booking deadline. In-app notifications save you money and time when communicating with your clients.

Get your own client app

Choose a Reservio solution which is both affordable and dependable. You save money on custom development and bookings will go directly into your scheduling system.
Branded app
App with custom branding
Customize the client app to match your brand.
  • Brand colours and elements
  • Custom logo
  • Sync with scheduling system
  • Services, events and appointments booking
  • Loyalty program
  • Client profile
  • In-app notifications
Custom development
Customized development
Fully customized solution for your business.
  • Personalized app
  • Designated expert
  • Assisted onboarding
  • Priority customer care
  • Multiple locations in one app
  • Map of locations
  • Personalized booking process


It is an excellent solution which is enhanced by the brand's design. The client app includes your logo, brand colors, and any other design elements you use. It aims to develop the business brand, build an exclusive relationship with clients, and make the offer more appealing. Clients can purchase or book at any time.
Reservio's branded app is used for quick booking, payment, loyalty program purchases, and customer account management. With in-app notifications, you can strengthen your relationship with clients without spending money on automated communication. It is an affordable, fully functional solution that helps businesses grow.
The best custom-branded client app should be user-friendly, compatible with all mobile devices, and accurately reflect your brand. It should clearly state your offer and encourage repeated purchases. Naturally, consultation with the app's developers is included to ensure that the outcome is what you want.
That is exactly what Reservio solution offers. We create the client app for you, and you approve the final design, which includes your business' colors and logo. It allows you to receive bookings for appointments, services, events, and classes, which are immediately updated to your scheduling system.
Get a custom-branded app for your clients in three simple steps and save money on custom development.
  1. Send all of your brand concepts, such as the logo, colors, or other characteristics of your business, to the Reservio sales team.
  2. We will design the app according to your specifications. To ensure that the outcome is to your liking, we will provide you with a version for approval.
  3. We will upload the client app to both the App Store and Google Play, where your clients will be able to download it and book right away. It will be fully compatible with all Android and iOS devices.
The main advantage of a custom-branded app is that it makes it easy to build brand awareness for your business. The app contains your logo, brand colors, and other visual identity features. This makes your brand more distinctive and unique.
Another advantage of a branded app is that clients feel more connected to your business. When they have the app on their phone, they can book anything you offer right away. They receive notifications about new products, which encourage them to interact. It's a simple and efficient technique to foster a close relationship with your clients.
You also enhance the client's experience when using your services, which is an additional benefit. They can choose from your offerings regardless of where they are, making it easier for them to book.
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