Options to share a booking link

Share a Customized Booking Link

With a single link, offer a service, a staff, or an available day to clients. It makes booking simple, and your calendar quickly fills up.
Options to share a booking link
Step 1

Create a customized link

Simply select what you want to offer your clients. Afterward, you will receive a custom URL and QR code in your account.

Step 2

Share it with anyone

You can invite the entire clientele or individuals to book. You can share the link using your favorite apps.

Step 3

Easy client booking

People will book online instantly and without additional research based on your recommendation.

Custom booking link for every occasion

Select where you want to direct clients on your Booking Website to help them find what they are searching for faster.

Map of locations

Let clients choose among your branches based on their location.



Present the entire branch offer together with all important information.



Your coworkers or staff have their own booking pages for clients.



Promote the booking of newly available and less popular services.


Events and classes

Increase the number of attendees for your group events by inviting them with the booking link.


Individual meetings

Set up a meeting and let attendees select their preferred times.


A booking link is a URL or QR code that links clients to an online booking from anywhere. It facilitates service booking and enables businesses to be more responsive to their clients' needs.
Reservio also allows you to create custom booking links. You can, for example, use it to advertise a specific service or to mediate a staff's offer. To avoid unnecessary searches, the booking link directs clients to a specific section of the Booking Website that you select.
Creating a booking link is very simple.
  1. To use this feature, you must first create an account with the Reservio scheduling system. Fill out the information about your business, services, events, and staff. The data will be automatically transferred to your Booking Website, which comes with Reservio for free.
  2. The system will then enable you to generate a booking link. You have the option of sharing the whole Booking Website, an offering item, or a subpage of staff with your clients. When you select an item, the system will generate a URL and QR code for your clients.
  3. You can share the booking link on social media, your own website, or through ads. The QR code is also excellent for printed advertising, such as business cards or flyers. It will make it simpler and faster for clients to book your services.
The booking link's main advantage is that it makes online booking considerably easier for clients. After clicking on it, clients are guided immediately to where they need to go without having to search for long.
Another amazing feature offered by Reservio is the option to create custom booking links. Which makes it easy to recommend one of your services or an offer from one of your staff to your clients. It will instantly fill openings in your calendar as you want them.
The booking link is available for both online and offline bookings (e.g., a QR code on printed promotional materials). It is an efficient method of advertising that will result in more reservations for your business.
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Fill in your calendar according your needs

With booking links, you can respond quickly to client queries and increase the number of bookings right away. Innovative scheduling system features will help you grow your business.