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Easy Team and Staff Management

Did you know that team management can require around 6 hours per week? With Reservio, it only takes a few clicks to have your staff organized and your calendar running smoothly.
  • Team scheduling
  • Task automation
  • Staff performance
  • Team promotion
  • Online calendar
    Team Calendar

    Create an efficient team schedule

    Schedule your work without unnecessary processes and according your needs. The smart calendar integrates the needs of your team.
    • Plan your shift schedule quickly
    • Vacation tracker prevents booking during your absence
    • Staff can choose their own booking hours
    • Colleagues can manage their bookings
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    Scheduling app for the whole team

    Collaborate from anywhere, anytime. Reservio's pocket-sized solution is always with you for quick schedule changes or anything else your business requires.


    Multi-level user access

    Protect your data in the booking system and assign rights to team members based on their roles. They will assist you with managing bookings, clients, and the loyalty program.

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    Provide better service by automating processes

    Let your staff focus entirely on their clients. The system will manage everything else, and you will provide a fantastic experience.
    • Standardize your work process
    • Receive bookings automatically
    • Get SMS or email notifications
    • Staff can check the schedule from their own calendar thanks to synchronization
    • Easily connect the system to your favorite apps
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    Support staff performance

    Track how well your team is meeting your goals. You can find out how productive each employee is and whether clients are satisfied with their service.
    • Track how effectively your team is utilizing schedule capacity
    • Compare how many bookings the staff has
    • Clients can review the services of staff
    • Evaluate the profitability of your employees' work
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    Clients get to know your team before their first visit

    Introduce your staff to the clients so they know they are in good hands. Let them choose their favorite staff and book directly with them.
    • Staff have their own profile including a photo
    • You assign them services according to their specialization and availability
    • Personalized staff pages are included for free as part of your Booking Website
    • Connecting clients and staff is quick and easy
    • Encourage a personal approach to clients


    A team and staff management system is a tool that automates daily processes while also facilitating collaboration. It will help you with team planning and evaluating staff productivity. Its advantage is its accessibility from anywhere, allowing you to stay on top of your team's performance.
    Reservio is a popular staff management system, especially for businesses that schedule meetings, appointments, and events. In addition to team management, it also simplifies the booking process, client management, and business development evaluation. With its smart calendar, it helps you coordinate your team's needs and adhere to the work schedule.
    You can try it for free and manage your team from anywhere with the smart app.
    Yes, of course. You can get Reservio for your business completely for free and simplify the collaboration of your employees. In addition to the tools for team management, you can also receive online bookings, manage clients, send appointment reminders, and much more.
    Use the premium Pro plan if you have multiple staff and need to distinguish their user access. Reservio also offers customized solutions to businesses that manage teams in several locations.
    The best staff management system should be easy to use, accessible from any device, and automate a large portion of your tasks. It should also help you differentiate access based on team roles. It is important that you can try it for free and see if its set of features meets your needs.
    This is exactly how Reservio works. In addition to team management tools, it also simplifies booking management, scheduling in a shared calendar, and client management. You can handle everything in one system that is easy to use. Try Reservio for free and get the app to manage your team remotely as well.
    One of the great advantages of the team management system is that it handles many tasks for you automatically, such as sending notifications to staff, receiving bookings for specific employees, or updating availability. That saves you several hours per week, allowing you to focus on more critical tasks.
    You will also appreciate its accessibility from any device. For example, Reservio works great on your computer and as a mobile app on any iOS or Android device, giving you an overview of your team's work whenever you need it.
    Another advantage that Reservio offers s the combination of multiple useful features. In addition to team management, you can also manage bookings, clients, and evaluate business performance. You have control over all areas of your work from one system, which is easy to operate.
    You can try Reservio for free with all the premium features and see if it meets your needs.
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    Manage your team more efficiently

    With Reservio, you can effortlessly match your staff's demands. Reduce time and effort by using a booking system that facilitates collaboration.