Business management

Business Management Software

Smart system will make your daily operations easier. Leverage real-time data to grow your business and stay in control anytime, anywhere.
Business management
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Centralized management

Manage your business from one place. Reservio provides you a great overview of your calendar, clients, and income.
Auto fix


Check reports to make sure everything is running smoothly, and automate processes to prevent human errors.

Revenue increase

Learn what generates the most revenue for your business and how to improve your services. You will see faster growth in both your business and revenue.
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Work from anywhere

Switch to online business management and react promptly to any changes from any device.
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Automate your daily operations

Have a smart assistant at your fingertips and save valuable time. The system will relieve you of tedious administration and allow you to work more efficiently.
  • Availability is updated according to your plans
  • Your calendar is filling up effortlessly based on your rules
  • You will receive a notification for every calendar update
  • Recurring classes and bookings will renew automatically
  • The system monitors data security for you in accordance with current legislation
Cashflow and bookings statistics

Increase your bookings and financial stability

Gather useful data about bookings, offers, and revenue. Identify areas of financial loss and learn how to maximize your business's potential.
  • Track the number of bookings, including no-shows
  • Assess your schedule for increased productivity potential
  • Improve your offering and loyalty program based on sales
  • Identify and target popular booking sources
  • Simple payment statements to make your bookkeeping easier
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Business app

All the features that make business management easier are available on your mobile phone. You can easily adjust your calendar, review reports, and much more with the app.
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20+ integration options

Integrate your favorite apps with Reservio. Keep track of upcoming bookings in one place thanks to calendar synchronization or utilize advanced analytics tools.
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Automatic notifications

Ensure that clients arrive on time and that you do not lose money. Send automated appointment notifications to reduce missed bookings by up to 75%.
Booking process

Enhance your clients' experience

Keep all necessary client data stored in the database. Evaluate their satisfaction promptly, covering the entire process from booking to service review.
  • Save contact information and your own notes on client profiles
  • Keep track of client bookings and the services they prefer
  • Track client base growth with new clients
  • Confirm attendance with a few clicks
  • Clients can manage their personal information and bookings in their own account
Marketing tools

Expand your business using marketing tools

Receive bookings from your website, social media, and ads and build your brand. You will gain a significant competitive advantage while keeping your calendar full.
  • Have a booking website that's easy for clients to find
  • Enhance your website with your own logo, cover image and design
  • Share booking links for services, events, and staff
  • Promote online booking by including a QR code on business cards and flyers

Manage your business more efficiently

Join over 300,000 entrepreneurs and achieve great results with Reservio.
profit increase
15 min
saved on every booking
reduction in missed bookings
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Do you need a more advanced solution?

Reservio provides a complete solution for managing enterprises with multiple branches and staff. Let's work together to customize the ideal solution for your business.


It is a useful tool that can handle various processes automatically for you, saving you time. It will help you to operate more effectively, allowing you to accelerate the growth of your business. The system's features vary depending on the demands and focus of the business. It contains, for example, a smart calendar for scheduling, client management tools, or up-to-date reports.
Try all of Reservio's features for free without any obligation. In addition to the basic functions listed above, it offers promotional tools, which are crucial for business growth. You receive a comprehensive Booking Website that accepts bookings through social media, ads, or any other marketing channel. Furthermore, you can work with Reservio from anywhere thanks to its mobile app for iOS and Android.
The major advantage of such a system is that you can manage everything from a single platform. For instance, your client database, daily schedule, staff, or anything else your business requires. You have all of your data together and protected in accordance with current legislation.
Reservio, a business management solution, is also accessible online from any device. It enables you to work from anywhere and has all of the features that make your business run more smoothly in your mobile app.
Another advantage is that you save a significant amount of time. Managing a team, operations, or finances can be extremely difficult. The system performs many tasks for you automatically, allowing you to focus on the important stuff. Also, you prevent the human errors that frequently arise in a rush.
Yes, of course. Try Reservio, which includes a free solution for your business. You can effortlessly manage your calendar, clients, and even staff from a single platform, saving you a lot of time.
In case you need more advanced features, consider upgrading to one of the premium plans. Let them help you with promotional efforts that can attract new clients and facilitate business growth. Reservio also provides customized solutions for enterprises with multiple branches and staff.
The best business management system should simplify everyday tasks that come with managing a business, such as a client, staff, scheduling, or financial management. This should help you operate more efficiently and save you time that you can put toward growing your business. The system should be accessible from any device, allowing you to respond quickly to any changes or problems.
This is exactly what Reservio does, and you can try it for free and without obligation. It also includes advanced marketing tools to assist you in meeting your business objectives even faster. Moreover, it gives you the advantage of an online booking feature that fills your calendar 24/7.
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Commence growth of your business

Achieve your business goals quickly with Reservio. Efficient tools will ensure smooth operations and save you significant time on business management.