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Schedule a meeting in 3 steps

Step 1

Specify your availability

You can get the meeting scheduler ready in 10 minutes. Fill in your time availability and the lenght of the meeting.

Step 2

Share the Booking Website

Get a website that guides the clients through the booking process and lets clients schedule meetings when it is convenient for them.

Step 3

Fill your calendar

Always have an up-to-date schedule with you, along with a client list. You will be perfectly prepared for every meeting.

Meeting scheduling in calendar

Arrange your meeting calendar as needed

Set your own scheduling rules. The smart calendar works independently and automatically, so you can focus on your meetings.
  • Clients will only see your available dates
  • No more double bookings in your calendar
  • Keep track of all meetings in one place with calendar sync
  • Plan individually or as a team with colleagues
  • Check your calendar from any device
Meeting booking

Clients can book your time anytime, anywhere

With the Booking Website, it only takes 10 seconds to schedule a meeting. The scheduler works around the clock, so your clients can self-book at any time.
  • Provide the most convenient meeting booking options without calling
  • Reach clients online from any device
  • Provide easy bookings via the web, social media, and the app
  • Receive bookings 24/7
Reports about productivity

Work efficiently and without distractions

Scheduled meetings are just the beginning. Increase your chances of success by improving time management and automating client communication.
  • Fill your contact list as well as your calendar
  • Reservio protects your stored data according to the current international standards
  • Get a notification whenever there is a change in your schedule
  • Stay in touch with clients by sending reminders
  • Handle more meetings with time management reports

Reservio supports all businesses

Turn an ordinary meeting into a unique experience. No matter what industry you work in, a meeting scheduler is a must-have.


Grow your business and delegate the rest. Let a digital assistant take care of your schedule.


Sales representatives

More meetings, more revenue. Reservio helps you achieve incredible results and saves you time.


Recruiters & Human Resources

Communication is key in HR. Have more time for your employees with the smart meeting scheduler.

Personalist and HR Specialists

Real Estate Agents

Always have a great overview of your schedule and plan one property tour after another.

Real Estate Agents


Make a great first impression ahead of a meeting. Provide your clients with the easiest way to schedule a meeting.



Manage your team efficiently. Create one-off or recurring meetings and stay in touch with your colleagues.


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Meeting scheduling is an agreement between people about a date and duration of a meeting. It results in choosing a time when everyone can attend the meeting. Booking online saves time for everybody. People don't have to spend their time on unnecessary emails or phone calls. Reservio will coordinate their time options automatically. Scheduled meetings are saved in an online calendar that works on any device.
The best meeting scheduling tool is simple-to-use, accessible from any device, and works automatically. It should easily guide you to fill in all the rules according to what you need. All participants can self-book a meeting anytime, anywhere.
That is how Reservio works, helping to simplify scheduling significantly. By creating an account, service providers will get a smart calendar, up-to-date reports, a custom Booking Website, an option to send reminders, and much more. Meeting scheduler trial is completely for free with all the premium features that save up to 15 minutes on each meeting booking.
Meeting scheduling with Reservio is a simple process that anyone can follow.
1. Prepare the system to work exactly as you need. Just specify when you have time for meetings and their length. You can include your team in scheduling with multi-level user access.
2. Reach out to meeting attendees by sharing the Booking Website. It is completely free, and you can use a link to receive meeting bookings from your website or social media. It allows clients to arrange meetings at any time and from any device.
3. Along with the calendar, you fill up a client database that you can use to send reminders and manage bookings. In addition, you can evaluate business development with up-to-date reports.
Get started for free and plan your meetings more efficiently.
Of course, Reservio will always remain free in a basic version. The Free plan includes useful scheduling tools and can handle up to 40 meeting bookings per month.
Try one of our premium plans to get additional features such as up-to-date reports, SMS reminders, or an unlimited client list. With registration, you will start a 14-day free trial, giving you time to decide which Reservio version suits you the most.
One of the biggest advantages of the online meeting scheduler is that it is fully customizable to your business. Choose a plan with the best features for you and set it up easily.
Another advantage is the option to schedule a meeting online, preferred by 70% of people online. Clients can schedule meeting anytime via the Booking Website, and you don't have to waste your time on phone calls or emails.
You can use the saved time to focus entirely on work. You can increase the revenue by increasing your productivity. Up-to-date reports can also help you discover opportunities to improve time management or prevent risks.
Another great advantage of the Reservio scheduling software is its functionality. Navigation in the system is intuitive and can be used by anyone without being technology savvy.
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