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Get a digital assistant for your business. Reservio will save you valuable time while organizing group events.
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Get your events booked in 4 steps

Step 1

Create an online schedule

Step 2

Promote your classes and events

Step 3

Keep an eye on client attendance

Step 4

Build a loyal customer base

Event and class scheduling in calendar

Organize your schedule in the smart calendar

Add events based on you preferences, and the system will keep an eye on them. You and your colleagues will always have the schedule accessible from any device.
  • Select time, staff, and event capacity
  • Easily set up recurring events or classes
  • Schedule multiple simultaneous activities
  • Keep all your events in one place with calendar sync
  • Simplify collaboration by sharing your schedule with your team
Event and class booking

Receive bookings around the clock

Clients can self-book without calling. They can choose an event on your Booking Website and book a seat within 10 seconds.
  • You get a free and modern Booking Website
  • Clients see events, classes, passes, staff, and reviews
  • They can also book via QR codes, social media, or your website
  • Event seats fill up 24/7
  • You can send booking reminders in bulk
Attendance check

Check client attendance in a few clicks

Have control over event and class attendance. Not only can you quickly check who attends, but you can also fill every available seat.
  • Confirm customer arrival with a single click
  • Verify payment method or loyalty program claims
  • Block clients who repeatedly failed to show up
  • Monitor the number of cancelled, missed, and completed bookings
Loyalty program

Your customers will be thrilled to come back

Encourage repeat bookings with a loyalty program. You will get paid upfront while clients stay loyal to your business.
  • Have client data securely stored in the database
  • Turn occasional customers into loyal ones with a membership
  • You can adjust the loyalty program at any time, for example, according to seasons
  • Have a guaranteed income by selling gift cards and passes

Make the most of your potential

Choose the best management software with which you can achieve impressive results.
profit increase
15 min
saved on every booking
reduction of no-shows
clientele growth

Events and classes software for everyone

The scheduling software streamlines your business for any industry you work in.
Find out why Reservio is the right choice for you.

Sports & Fitness

Offering passes and memberships via booking software will keep your classes full.

Gym class


With automatic reminders via email or SMS, your students will never miss class or an event.



Receive bookings from social media or your website and attract more people to your courses.

Dance course


Customize the scheduling software according to what you need. It can handle any type of event.

Laser game

300,000+ businesses rely on Reservio

Join service providers from over 130 countries around the world who have chosen our scheduling software. A new booking is made every second. The next one can be for your event.

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It is a digital assistant that makes scheduling, booking, promoting, and business success evaluation easy. The scheduling system for events and classes takes care of every aspect of the business and saves time, money, and energy.
That is exactly how Reservio works, allowing you to receive event bookings 24/7 send bulk reminders, manage staff, and much more. You can try it for free with no obligation.
Managing events and classes online is very quick and easy. All it takes is to choose the right planning manager available on the internet. Reservio is one of the most popular scheduling software, which may help you to achieve success in 4 steps.
1. Transfer your event schedule online with a smart scheduling calendar. Specify the time of activities, capacities, or the staff member in charge of the event. The system will automatically take care of the rest.
2. Share your free Booking Website with your customers increase the number of received bookings. The software works around the clock, so you fill the class capacity even after hours.
3. Your clients can check in quickly and easily when you host an event. Keep track of customer traffic, client history, and more.
4. The final step is to improve customer retention so that you can steadily increase business revenue. Encourage clients to repeat their participation by offering a loyalty program. Moreover, you can offer memberships, passes, and gift cards online via Reservio.
The best scheduling software for classes and events should be simple-to-use, accessible from any device, and include all features you need for your business. Essential tools including online booking at any time and from any device. It is also important that businesses can try it for free and decide if it is the right fit for them.
Reservio meets all requirements and has helped to make 43 million bookings. You can manage it from the web or the app. It allows online booking 24/7, automatic sending of bulk reminders, offering an online loyalty program, and much more. Anyone can use it without being technology savvy. The bonus is the professional customer care available for you in every situation.
The great advantage of the group meeting scheduler is that it saves time and effort. The scheduler handles a lot of tasks automatically for you while you get extra time to grow your business. The group meeting scheduler is accessible anytime from any device so you can work remotely.
Since you work with a large group of clients when hosting classes and events, you might appreciate a digital client database of event and class attendees. Reservio protects your client database according to current international standards.
You can easily increase customer retention using the scheduler. It allows you to offer memberships, passes, and gift cards online and get paid upfront.
Of course, Reservio will always remain free in the basic version. The Free plan includes useful scheduling tools and can handle up to 40 bookings per month.
Try one of our premium plans to get additional features such as a loyalty program, SMS reminders, staff management, or an unlimited client database. When you sign up, you will start a 14-day free trial, giving you time to decide which Reservio version suits you best.
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