Booking form in your websites

Booking Form for Your Website

Receive online bookings directly into your calendar from your own website. Clients book appointments with you at their convenience and without calling.
  • Compatible with any website
  • Scheduling software included
Booking form in your websites
Step 1

Select a form type

There are various ways you can encourage clients to make bookings. Draw attention with a bright button, introduce services, or choose your own way.

Step 2

Add it to your website

You will find step-by-step guidelines for the implementation in the Reservio platform. As a result, you can manage easy set up on your own.

Step 3

Clients book online

Your website is instantly available for booking. Bookings for appointments, meetings, or events will pour into your booking system 24/7.

Booking button

Booking button

Choose the text and design of the button, then use HTML code to place it anywhere on your website. Clients will book an appointment using your Booking Website by clicking on the button.
Iframe booking form

Booking form iframe

Use a form that lets clients see services that you offer and get them started with the online booking process on your website. You will get a custom iframe element to include in your website code.
API integration

Customized booking process with API integration

Add your own booking form or any Reservio data to your website. Create a personalized solution for you and your clients using the API.


The online booking form is a tool for making online bookings. It uses a simple process in which clients choose from an offering, select an available date, and fill in the necessary details for booking.
Reservio provides a variety of solutions for incorporating an online booking feature into your own website.
  1. Easily add a booking button to your website using HTML code. Clients can book on your free Reservio Booking Website with a single click.
  2. Iframe booking forms are an excellent solution if you want to display your service offer on your own website. Simply incorporate a custom iframe element in your website code.
  3. The usage of APIs (application programming interfaces) allows you to customize the booking process on your website without investing in developing an online booking system.
Of course. Try Reservio, which contains a booking system, a Booking Website, and proven features that enable you to receive online bookings from your website.
However, a more complex booking form solution requires the Pro premium plan. You will be able to customize your booking or incorporate any Reservio data on your website by using the API.
The best web booking form should be available in many versions to meet your business's needs, be compatible with your website, and guide clients through the booking process easily. It will ensure reliability, and online bookings will immediately fill up your calendar.
Reservio's solution meets all of these requirements. By signing up, you will gain access to a scheduling management system, a free Booking Website, and booking tools from your website. You can choose a booking button, a full preview of the booking form, or use the API to create your own booking solution.
A great advantage of the booking form is that it allows your clients to book directly from your website. Booking is quick and easy, and clients can book at any time, regardless of your working hours.
Another advantage is that you do not need to develop your own online booking tool for your websites. Choose Reservio, which is a reliable solution that you can easily incorporate into your website.
It allows you to receive bookings from your websites 24/7, directly into your booking system. Managing them will be much easier, and you can save up to 15 minutes per booking.
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Receive bookings from your own website

With Reservio, you can quickly fill your calendar. Use your own website as a source of online bookings and manage them effortlessly in the booking system.