Create Your Free Booking Website

Quickly increase your client base with a professional website. Bookings will be coming in 24/7 and will automatically sync with your calendar.
  • Customizable template
  • Scheduling system included
Personalization of booking website

Make your brand stand out online

Create a personalized website with all of the essential information to set yourself apart from the competition.
  • Personalized cover image and logo
  • Staff photos
  • Website on your own domain
  • Customizable design
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Simple online booking for your clients

Share personalized booking links or promote your services in a complete listing or calendar.
  • User-friendly search
  • Booking Pages for services and events
  • Links with pre-selected meeting dates
  • Personalized pages for staff
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Switch to a modern way of booking

Clients book online, giving you more time and peace of mind to focus on your work.
  • Time slot availability offer
  • Easy form filling
  • 24/7 online bookings
  • Up-to-date with your scheduling system
Booking information and reviews

Improve your customer experience

With their own account, clients can book with a single click and stay up-to-date on upcoming events.
  • Saved personal data
  • Bookings management
  • Purchased passes, memberships and vouchers
  • Service reviews
  • Payment information
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Retain clientele and reliable income

Offer a loyalty program on your website to encourage frequent usage of your services.
  • Memberships
  • Entry passes
  • Credit passes
  • Gift vouchers
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Responsive design

Booking Website runs smoothly on all devices.
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SEO optimization

Increase your website's search ranking to attract more people.
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The booking data is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.
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Easy setup

The Booking Website is updated using data from your scheduling system.
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10 s
to make an appointment
15 min
saved on every booking
profit increase


It is a website used for online booking. It provides information about the business, its services, and, if relevant, about its employees or loyalty program. They are commonly used by service providers to schedule clients.
Reservio is one of the most popular booking websites. The website will immediately increase bookings as compared to competition because of its modern design, customizability, and many innovations. If you use it in combination with the booking system, it will save you up to 15 minutes per booking. Try Reservio for free and join the 300,000+ entrepreneurs who have chosen to receive bookings easier.
Of course, you can get a Booking Website for your business completely for free. Try Reservio’s, which comes with a booking system. You will significantly simplify the ordering process for your clients and you will spend less time on booking administration.
Reservio will always remain free in the basic version. However, you can profit from one of the premium plans if you have more employees or clients each day. In addition to useful features for managing your business and clients, it allows you to personalize your domain name or choose from a number of colorful booking website themes.
The Booking Website's main advantage is that it makes it much easier for service providers to book clients. They will not have to answer the phone, lose business because they are unavailable, or participate in lengthy discussions about the ideal date. Businesses can fill their calendars as needed and without putting additional effort thanks to Booking Website.
Another advantage is effective web marketing. Since the majority of clients look for businesses online, having an attractive website that contains all the information they want is a big competitive advantage. Furthermore, Reservio's Booking Website is designed to rank among the top results on search engines such as Google or Bing, ensuring that they are not overlooked.
Service providers and entrepreneurs will also appreciate the Booking Website's accessibility to clients in the highest quality version on any device. Booking is therefore much more convenient and takes only a few seconds.
You will get a free Booking Website as well as a booking system. You will easily save up to 15 minutes on each booking and increase your profits immediately.
The best Booking Website should have a modern design, a clear structure that includes all important information, and be accessible on any device. As a result, booking should be quick and simple. Moreover, it should include a recommended framework which can be customized.
That is exactly what Reservio's Booking Website does. Additionally, it includes a number of upgrades that make it accessible to people with visual impairments and ranks highly in the leading search engines worldwide. You can get it for free with the booking system and start receiving bookings right away.
In just a few simple steps, you can create your own Booking Website, and your clients will be able to book online right away.
  1. Create an account with Reservio and you will get a free booking system as well as a Booking Website. They are integrated in real time, which will make managing your bookings easier.
  2. Fill out information about your business, the services or events you provide, and, if applicable, your employees in the booking system. You can also use images to attract clients more effectively. The information you enter is then transmitted to your Booking Website.
  3. You can choose the color and language that are presented to clients in the booking system. Website can also be easily transferred to your domain.
  4. You can encourage clients to book via the booking link in your account.
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