SMS vs. Email Booking Reminders

Oct 9, 2023
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Booking reminders are an essential part of keeping your customers informed and ensuring they don't miss their appointments, classes, or events. When it comes to booking reminders, businesses are no longer limited to email. In today's world, text messaging is becoming an increasingly popular option. Let's explore the differences between these two communication mediums and determine which one is better suited for your customer's needs.

SMS reminders

SMS, or text messaging, offers several advantages for booking reminders. Firstly, it provides excellent reachability. Since most people carry their phones everywhere, text reminders are hard to miss. They grab immediate attention and have a higher click-through rate compared to emails.

With a simple click or reply, customers can confirm appointments or follow important links. SMS messages can also be customized to provide contextual information, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction. However, SMS has limited space, making it challenging to include detailed instructions or lengthy messages.
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Email reminders

Email has long been a popular communication medium and has its advantages as a booking reminder. Unlike SMS, emails provide more space for detailed messages and instructions. They can accommodate all the necessary information without limitations.

However, emails may end up in spam folders and may not grab immediate attention like text messages. Emails lack the directness and personal touch that texting offers.

Comparison of SMS and email booking reminders

Let's compare SMS and email booking reminders based on key factors:


Text messages have an edge here since they are hard to miss when most people keep their phones nearby. Email notifications may take longer to be seen and they may not catch attention in the same way.


SMS allows for personalized and contextual messages that enhance customer engagement. Emails, while providing more space, lack the same level of direct communication and personalization.

Response time

Both SMS and email have pros and cons in terms of response time. People may not read emails promptly, even though they provide ample space for detailed messages. Text messages offer a modern approach but may not be as effective for conveying complex instructions. User preference and the nature of your business play a role in choosing the better option.


The cost of sending reminders may vary from one SMS and email service to another. Some companies include both types of reminders in their online booking system, while others may charge extra. Consider the cost implications of these additional costs and compare them based on the frequency of customer bookings.
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In conclusion, choosing between SMS and email for booking reminders requires careful consideration. SMS offers excellent reachability, immediate attention, and customization, but its limited space may pose challenges. Email provides more space and is suitable for detailed messages but may lack the same level of attention-grabbing capability.

Consider your business nature, customer preferences, and cost factors when making the decision. Keep in mind, that both SMS and email have pros and cons, so choose the option that best meets your customers' needs in your online booking system.

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