The Reservio Story: From Early Days to Reservio 2.0

Boris Bošiak
Mar 25, 2024
3 min read
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As the CEO of Reservio, I often reflect on our journey. In this article, I want to share with you the origins of Reservio, not just as a historical account but as a foundation for our vision moving forward.

The beginnings

Reservio started in 2013 with the idea of a simple online booking form. Select a date and time to book a haircut or massage. No need to make a phone call. Anytime, 24/7. This innovation wasn't just about embracing technology.
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Our vision was to connect wellbeing businesses with customers. Our mission was grounded in three core principles: simplicity, productivity, and accessibility.


Simplicity was our guiding light, leading us to develop a platform that anyone in the wellbeing industry, regardless of their tech savviness, could easily navigate. Our goal was to strip away the complexity often associated with digital tools, making our software feel like second nature to use, whether you're managing a bustling gym or a serene spa.


Productivity stood at the forefront of our design, with features crafted to meet the unique needs of wellbeing businesses. From efficient staff management across various classes and appointments to client loyalty tools, our platform was designed to streamline operations. Compliance with legal standards like GDPR was also paramount, ensuring that businesses can focus on what they do best: providing exceptional wellness experiences.


As the world grew more connected through smartphones and the internet, we envisioned a solution that performed flawlessly across devices, ensuring that fitness and beauty enthusiasts could book their next session with ease. Our commitment went beyond just tech; it was about inclusivity. By collaborating with visually impaired professionals to refine our interface and offering our software in 12 languages, we aimed to welcome businesses and clients from every corner of the globe into our community.

Search services in your area

In 2019, as our family of business users grew, we took another step to make connecting with clients simpler by launching the Reservio marketplace in central Europe. Search all businesses in your area, and see real-time availability of any service you wish to book. Not long after, in early 2020, we added online payments to streamline the process even further. But then, like the rest of the world, we faced the unexpected challenge of Covid.
The tool we originally crafted as a way to find a yoga class or a quick haircut easily suddenly became a lifeline during the pandemic. By May 2020, 70% of all Czech Covid-19 testing facilities used Reservio for scheduling to assist people nationwide in finding the earliest available testing slots. This experience was a profound and humbling reminder of the impact technology can have beyond its intended use. It shifted our perspective, making us realize that Reservio was not just an online booking form but a service with significant public influence.

Working closely with hospitals not only in Czechia but across Europe and America, we began to see scheduling as more than a feature—it was the foundation upon which we could build the next evolution of our platform.

Reservio 2.0: Beyond scheduling

We believe that time is our most precious resource. This belief fuels our transition from a scheduling platform to a comprehensive business assistant. We focus on 3 main areas - finances, communication, and automation. Reservio 2.0 aims to not just manage time, but to enrich it, enabling businesses to operate more efficiently, connect more meaningfully with clients, and automate routine processes.

point of sale
Commerce platform

Beyond just appointments, we’re extending our reach to cover the financial aspects of your operations. With the recent rollout of our Point of Sales system, we're taking our first steps toward transforming Reservio into a holistic eCommerce solution for well-being businesses. In the near future, we plan to integrate online payments and payment terminals, offering an all-in-one solution for in-store and online transactions available in 35 countries worldwide. As we explore more financial tools, we aim to make business management smoother, giving you more time to focus on what you do best—offering exceptional wellness experiences.

Communication platform

Our ambition extends beyond mere appointment scheduling; we aim to revolutionize the entire customer lifecycle. Over the past year, we have laid the groundwork for this transformation by introducing a new booking website, booking links, QR codes, and seamless integration with advertising platforms and Google Analytics. These enhancements are just the beginning of our journey to create an omnichannel customer experience that is both easy and intuitive. Our goal is to provide businesses with the tools they need to attract, engage, and retain customers in a competitive digital landscape.

Business automation platform

Automation has always been at the heart of our mission to reduce administrative time for businesses. With the advent of our commerce platform and enhanced customer experience features, our focus on automation will extend to broader aspects of business management. We’re here to automate the complexities of business management and free you up to deliver the personalized, high-quality services your clients love.
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A future built together

We're really excited about where we're heading with Reservio 2.0, and we want you to be a part of this journey. We see a future where managing your fitness or beauty business is as relaxing as the services you offer. Let's take this journey together, shaping a future where your business thrives with ease and your clients leave happier after every visit. Welcome aboard the future with Reservio 2.0—it's going to be a beautiful ride.

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