Introducing the Beta Version of Our POS System

Mar 25, 2024
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Sale of services and products in one go
It’s been a long time coming in Reservio and the day is finally here. Have you ever wished you could offer your clients products coming with your services and events? Do you want to consolidate several solutions you’re using into one and simplify your business management as well as your professional life?

We have an answer you’ve been waiting for. We are launching our all-in-one point of sale (POS) system and here are the reasons why you should jump on board. 

What is a point of sale system?

Point of sale system refers to a combination of hardware and software that allows you to efficiently sell your services and physical products to clients, accept in-person payments, and manage it all in just one solution. With our POS software, you get access to checkout, inventory management, and tax management features.

What is the beta version of our POS?

We are launching a POS system designed to meet all your business needs from processing payments and inventory management. We decided to introduce our point of sale as a beta version first. We encourage you to test its features and share your feedback to improve the final product. All users worldwide have free access to this beta, and we look forward to your suggestions via an upcoming feedback survey. Please note, the free beta period is temporary, but we'll inform you about its ending and subsequent steps you’ll need to take to continue using it.

What is included in the beta version?

For now, there are 3 new functionalities that you can enjoy free of charge:


Our cloud-based POS system offers a smooth checkout, allowing clients to pay for services and products in one transaction. It streamlines all transaction processing and digitalizes invoices and receipts, eliminating paperwork hassle.

For now, accepting payments is only possible in cash or alternative payment methods, but this is going to change soon, too. In a couple of weeks, we’ll be launching online payments allowing your clients to purchase directly from your booking website. And later this year, we’ll introduce card terminals that will enable you to accept credit or debit card payments at your counter. Read more about our vision for Reservio and get excited with us!

Get familiar with the details of using the checkout by reading our help guides:

Inventory management

Whether you’re a hairdresser offering high-quality hair care products to your clients, or a yoga studio owner selling yoga mats and protein bars to energize your attendees, you need efficient inventory management. Our POS software gives you the ability to see real-time inventory changes after each transaction which allows you to properly plan restocking and update inventory.

Learn more about the nitty-gritty of our Products feature in our detailed guides:

Tax management

Make sure that you always calculate the correct tax rates in the final price of your services, products, or loyalty programs. This calculation will become easier with a simple tax rate management tool. Create the appropriate tax rates, assign them to each item, and let the system take care of the rest.

If you wish to know more details and the whats and hows, read the guides in our help center:
Excited? We are too! Log in to your account now, go to Business > Payments section in your account and start the guided setup process. In about 15 minutes, you’ll be able to enjoy all the perks of an all-in-one POS system.

Are you new to Reservio? Start our 14-day free trial to not only try out the point of sale solution but also all other premium features such as a fully customizable booking website, advanced website analytics, or automated SMS reminders.

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