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Sep 6, 2023
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At the beginning of 2023, we introduced a new Booking Website, which enables service providers to ensure effective promotion. Websites update themselves continuously based on data from the appointment scheduling system and the entrepreneur doesn't have to think about their management. The basic idea behind the Booking Website, on which our product and development team spent almost half a year working, is to provide a great customer experience. 

A Booking Website which comes free of charge as part of the sign-up is a complete website suitable for every business offering service. Clients can find an overview of general information about the business, like opening hours or address, as well as an overview and details of services or events and employees. They can filter services and events using categories, and in addition, when looking for a specific service, event, or employee, they can use the search window to help them find what they want. 

Major competitive advantage

For businesses, the Booking Website is a major competitive advantage. The most important feature advantage is increasing online reach and also providing easier booking which the site will guide clients through intuitively. 

Our new Booking Website works as an omnichannel marketing tool. Thanks to that, the entrepreneur is ready to serve the customer, whether he comes from any social network or Google.

"The entrepreneur can create a targeted advertising campaign, for example on social networks, and attract more customers. At the same time, they can use the Booking Website to serve their clients and evaluate the effectiveness of the campaigns," says Boris Bošiak, co-founder and CEO of Reservio. 

Share and receive more bookings 

In addition, businesses are able to share a group of services with their clients, or the offer of a selected employee. In fact, the website includes individual pages for employees, services, and events, including descriptions and images. 

Businesses can share their offer in many different ways: sharing the link directly to Booking Website, sharing links to selected staff or services, sharing these links on social networks, and also the entrepreneur can share a link to the Booking Website to existing websites. 

Promotion even without a marketing team 

Soon the Booking Website will be able to fully replace the entire marketing team of the company. "The scheduling software of the future will automatically identify a marketing opportunity, build an audience based on user history, and generate a tailored campaign using a language model. This website is the first step towards this vision," concludes Bošiak.

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