Founder of Projekt (dosebe): To feel good, we need to work on our mental and physical health

Zuzana Vrbecká
Aug 5, 2021
4 min read
Projekt (dosebe) team
Do you know a place where you can exercise and, at the same time, get a soul-cleansing coaching session? Projekt (dosebe) is a unicorn among services and more than just a combination of physical and mental fitness. We rarely feel truly healthy even if we have toned abs, because we may be mentally exhausted or vice versa. Michaela Vejrostová, founder of this unique studio, revealed more about the background of the project.

How did the idea for Projekt (dosebe) come about?

It originated in my head a few years ago when I was leading yoga classes. I realized that to truly feel healthy, we need to not only exercise physically or work on our mental health but to combine both.

When did you manage to turn this idea into reality?

Projekt (dosebe) began to take shape at the turn of this year. At that time, I didn't know of any similar place in Brno and its surroundings, where people could work on themselves according to their current needs, without pressure to perform and with the goal of improving their physical and mental health.

That probably wasn't the best time to start operating when sports facilities and other services were closed. How did Covid affect the opening of the studio?

It had its advantages and disadvantages. It was beneficial, for example, because the whole world stopped, and people began to focus more on their health (both physical and mental). So the demand for these services increased. It also had many downsides, such as limited movement, and slower communication, and we had to use a completely different type of advertising because everything went online.

How can clients work on their health with you?

We offer several methods, both physical techniques and mental mentoring. The path to better health tailored to each client may consist of functional training, yoga practice, coaching, or relaxing massages, consultations, or individual lessons.

What do you mean by "tailored"?

The goal is to create a customized project for each individual. We want to guide the client to a successful outcome, and to feel better. Or they can simply use our group open-class yoga, meditation, or functional training.

How does Reservio help you organize such a specific schedule?

It is a very progressive tool for both the company and the end client. For example, it has a mobile application where we can make changes to the settings. Another significant advantage is online payments or the possibility of purchasing passes.

Everything is faster, clearer, and much easier to control. Each customer can immediately check on their phone whether they have a reservation, enough credit on their pass, and other information they need to enjoy the services they ordered.

What do you consider to be the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is to make people aware of how important it is to work on themselves and their health. To show them that it is not just a fashion trend or temporary whim, but a necessary step towards a better life. We want to spread this awareness and help people in their journey to self-improvement.


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