LaserGame Bar: Even though we have our own reservation system, we use Reservio because of its constant innovation

Milena Krčková
Feb 14, 2019
2 min read
Laser game bar
Laser tag arenas, virtual reality, and laser shooting ranges are now extremely popular. They represent a new kind of entertainment with adrenaline-inducing elements. These modern technologies require players to wear vests with built-in sensors, LEDs, and vibrations, as well as carry guns in their hands. The arena allows players to participate not only in classic laser games but also strategic games accompanied by action music of their choice, which enhances the unique experience.

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"We use Reservio, even though we have our own programmed scheduling system. We find its constant expansion and implementation of new features to be suitable for us. If we had to develop and invest in it ourselves, it would be a different story," explains Rostislav Kubík, the owner of LaserGame Bar. 

"Online bookings save us time, which allows us to focus on other things. We don't have to carry a calendar with us all the time to make reservations. We specifically direct our clients to book online through Reservio," says Rostislav Kubík.


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