Reservio helps barbers look their best

Christopher Vigneron
Nov 26, 2021
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Barbershops around the world rely on Reservio appointment scheduling software to manage their day-to-day. From customer-friendly online booking 24/7 to automatic appointment reminders, barbers can rest assured that Reservio has got their backs.

Barbershops keep men looking their best

During Movember, men across the globe take up the challenge to grow and sport a new mustache. Aside from supporting sexy facial hair, the campaign takes aim at several issues facing men including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention.

Need shaping or some color to that new growth? What better way to do that than by visiting your local barbershop?

Today’s barbers do more with Reservio booking software

A talented barber’s secret weapon? Reservio

Barbers worldwide use the Reservio booking system to accept reservations 24/7 directly on their own, customized Booking Page. Returning customers as well as new clients can easily search for a date, choose a time, select a barber, and that’s it—new reservations without any phone calls or never-ending emails. Reservio also helps barbers eliminate no-shows with automatic appointment reminders by SMS and email. 

Have a large team or customer base? No worries! Reservio can handle every aspect of your barbershop business from team schedules and client management to online calendars and 24/7 booking. Everything you need to keep your clients satisfied with trimmed shavers and sharp scissors!

Decrease no-shows by up to 75%

One of the most-valued tools within the Reservio reservation system used by barbershops around the world are appointment reminders. Reminders ensure that your clients are notified before their scheduled appointment. 

Reminders can be set up to send an email or SMS* (additional charges apply) to your clients before the appointment. Not only does this keep your schedule consistent, but it also helps stabilize your cash flow and builds customer anticipation. Easily stop no-shows and keep your chairs filled by doing what you do best.

The world’s top barbers rely on Reservio booking software

Manage your client base without breaking a sweat

Reservio gives barbers a great set of features to turn one-time customers into loyal clients. With client profiles, barbers can easily keep track of customer preferences, booking history, appointment consistency, and contact info. Make notes after each appointment and keep an overview of product choice, style, and tool settings.

Add even more value to your services with the loyal program. Reservio gives barbershops the chance to manage three types of passes for their clients. Punch cards are an easy way to sell a group of visits (based on 10, 20 or more visits) at one time. They are useful for clients who generally are consistent with their cut, trim, and style. 

Memberships are used for your most dedicated clients. Memberships are a time-based program giving both you and your clients flexibility in the value amount as well as services included with the membership. For example, you can trailer membership passes to reflect each client’s preferences and visit frequency. 

Reservio gift cards are an excellent way to offer your client base a way to spread the word about your barbershop. Gift cards are value-based and can be created for any amount. With the holidays just around the corner, gift cards for a killer cut and trim are great stocking stuffers. 

Successful barbers use Reservio barbershop software

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