Jolana T. Dioba, D´DESIGN cosmetic studio: Thanks to Reservio, I'm not disturbed by ringing phones. My clients make their own appointments.

Nov 28, 2018
2 min read
Jolana T. Dioba
Mrs. Jolana T. Dioba is the owner of D´DESIGN cosmetic studio. In her practice, she tries to prioritize natural skin care techniques for her clients, who, as she laughingly puts it, fall asleep while undergoing cosmetic treatments and not under anesthesia for a facelift.
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"I use the Reservio booking system to book appointments at the beauty salon. I don't have to answer the phone all the time, which was distracting me at work. It's convenient and clients use it. Some are afraid to make phone calls and praise this option. We have a link to Reservio right on the website and it's really great. Plus, the admin section is very simple and easy to navigate. I've tried other systems, but Reservio is really unbeatable for me and I recommend it to my colleagues in the industry," praises beautician Jolana T. Dioba.

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