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Zuzana Vrbecká
Jul 27, 2021
4 min read
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"Friendly working environment" is probably the most common and cliché benefit mentioned in job listings. It's not that it's always untrue, but it's hard to imagine what it really means. That's why we want to give you a taste of what it's like to work at Reservio, where we get all sorts of benefits that suit our needs and wishes. For example, we have a freezer full of ice cream during hot summer days, discounts on company services, access to the corporate nursery, and much more!

Work Colleagues and Sports Buddies

Did you know that being physically active can help you stay healthy, focused, and happy? It's true! That's why we encourage our team to engage in sports activities. We offer a Multisport card, which allows everyone to choose the type of sport they like. After work, we enjoy keeping each other company on the squash court, where our developers compete to improve their running skills.

Reservio running team

Freedom to Work Flexible Hours from Anywhere

When we say "flexible working hours," we don't mean just one extra hour of sleep in the morning. We mean that you can work whenever and wherever you want. Because we have an international team, we allow remote work from anywhere. For example, our Localization Manager, Maria, attends online meetings from Bulgaria one week and Greece the next.

Laptop and vacation acessories

Tasty Benefits

We all know those mornings when we don't have time for breakfast before rushing to the office. At Reservio, we've got you covered with unlimited fresh fruit, and quality coffee with various types of milk, tea, and breakfast cereals. Sometimes, we even have a corporate breakfast with waffles or croissants!

Coffee in Reservio office

Sick Days for Rest

When you're feeling sick and need to rest, the last thing you want to worry about is using up vacation days or taking sick leave. That's why we offer "sick days". Each employee can take two of these days a year.

Sick woman in the bed

We welcome dogs into our office

Do you hate leaving your furry friend at home while you go to work? Bring them to our office instead! Two of our colleagues already take advantage of this benefit and enjoy having their dogs with them all day. It's nice to sometimes take a break from the computer and play fetch with a furry friend.

Dog in Reservio office

Volunteer leave

At Reservio, we value community and always try to help when we can. During the Covid outbreak, we offered our online reservation system to hospitals for free testing, and we also have special offers for non-profit organizations. Sometimes, we need to get involved personally, which is why we have a paid day off work to volunteer. For example, our developer Honza recently helped educate schoolchildren on media literacy and misinformation issues as part of the Fakescape organization.

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Personalized learning

We believe in continuous improvement and always strive to better ourselves. That's why we offer personalized learning opportunities, so you can develop in the direction that suits you best. Choose from various workshops, online and in-person courses, books, or programs that can help you perform your job better. For example, our developer Tom spends several hours each day on self-education and selects the topics and formats that fit his IT development activities.

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