Promote your business online this holiday season with gift cards and memberships

Christopher Vigneron
Dec 13, 2021
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Gift cards and membership promotion
The holidays are coming! Give your business a boost this winter season by offering passes, gift cards, and memberships as great stocking stuffers to attract new clientele.

Whether you offer perfect hair care or yoga lessons, gift cards are a great way to put a smile on someone’s face as well as an effective way to build up your customer base. What are the main advantages of offering gift cards and memberships in the pre-holiday period? How can you easily launch your own loyalty program? Learn this along with other helpful tips in this article.

The best Christmas gift

What will be under the tree this year? Imagine finding a gift card for a deep-tissue massage, a color-and-dye hair care package, or a session with a personal trainer. Loyalty products are an easy and efficient way to spread the word about your business and increase your client case. The positive experience from one client can easily lead to the gain of another potential by word-of-mouth recommendations. Marketing studies show that 88% of consumers place their highest level of trust in recommendations from people they know. It is also widely accepted that word-of-mouth is the most effective form of marketing.

Memberships and gift cards are perfect way to boost your client base this holiday season

Do more business in the New Year

Everyone looks forward to the reset of the calendar year with their New Year’s resolutions. This is a perfect opportunity to expand your service base with passes designed to provide the right opportunity to showcase your exceptional service to new customers. Don’t miss the chance to easily and elegantly expand your clientele. Now is the perfect time to start offering memberships, gift cards, and punch cards online. Find out how here or sign up for Reservio absolutely free.
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„Our clients love the online offer of punch cards, memberships, and gift cards. All loyal program information is easily found in their Reservio account along with other vital data about their business. The use of memberships in particular give businesses the opportunity to eliminate the pay-per-visit method which enhances the overall client experience. This leads to long-term relationships with their customers as well as avoids profit loss for missed appointments or no-shows.” – Barbara Weglorz, Reservio Customer Success Manager.

Reservio gift cards are the perfect stocking stuffer

Improve your business with passes this holiday season

As a service provider, your business needs flexibility when it comes to your customers. Luckily, Reservio offers three types of passes to accommodate all the needs of your client base. 

- Memberships are time-based passes usually for monthly or yearly periods. These are perfect for customers who regularly use your service and have established themselves as part of your base.

- Gift cards are value-based passes (for example, $25, $100, etc..) and are ideal for customers who use your service less regularly but are still considered a part of your core client base. Of course, gift cards make perfect presents under the tree.

- Punch cards are visit-based passes (10, 20, etc. number of visits) which are perfect for services including gyms, yoga classes, and other entry-based businesses. 

Building up your business with Reservio loyalty passes adds value to the services you offer to clients as well as gives you peace of mind by creating cash-flow consistency.

Loyal clients as a gift to your business

Make the loss of time and money from missed appointments and no-shows a thing of the past. One of the biggest advantages of time-based memberships is that they grow the loyalty of clients who want to make the most of them. Whether you offer credit or entry passes, the services are paid for at the time of booking, which guarantees consistent cash flow for your business even if the client doesn’t show up. In addition, your customers can manage the status of their memberships themselves, leaving you with peace of mind.

Create consistency in your business with memberships and gift cards

Save time and nature

Take advantage of building a strong loyalty program with memberships and passes. Your clients can buy gift cards and memberships directly at your business according to your terms of payment. This saves you time and effort as the entire process is managed by your clients after the purchase of memberships and passes. The Reservio loyalty program is also environmentally friendly as no paper is involved. Check out all the features and benefits of Reservio booking software.

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“There’s a big advantage about the possibility of buying memberships with Reservio! Everything is faster, clearer, and much more controlled. Every customer can immediately find out on their phone whether they have a reservation, enough credit on their pass, and other information they need to be able to enjoy the services ordered.” – Reservio client Michaela Vejrostová, founder of the Dosebe project.

Staying afloat in uncertain times

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is much more challenging to predict how businesses and services will fare in the coming months. Even in these uncertain times, we can minimize the impact by offering your client base memberships and punch cards. Your clients pay in advance for the passes thereby securing your cash flow for the foreseeable future. Another advantage of this method is that your clientele remains intact and will start to use your services once potential restrictions have been lifted. Leave nothing to chance and keep your business resilient in these uncertain times.

Memberships, gift cards, and punch cards are available in the Standard and PRO premium Reservio plans.

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Find out everything about Reservio memberships, punch cards, and gift cards here. Still got questions? Reach out to our fabulous Customer Care team. 

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