Sergio Ruiz, owner of Hair by Sergio: Online bookings significantly reduced phone calls
Milena Krčková
Nov 4, 2018
3 min read
Hair by Sergio salon

Meet Sergio Ruiz, a 23-year-old hairstylist from Spain who owns a salon beloved by Spanish celebrities and beauties. How did he achieve such success at a young age? Sergio has been fascinated with hairstyles and hair styling since he was young. He graduated from the prestigious international Josep Pons Academy and started by cutting hair at home before gaining valuable experience working in several salons.

Eventually, he decided to open his own hair salon, Hair by Sergio, which is now well-known throughout Barcelona. His secret to success is defined by three words: care, attention, and professionalism. Sergio constantly keeps up with the latest trends from the best salons in Los Angeles, New York, and Sydney. "I know that for a modern woman today, change is important. I've always seen celebrities in my customers and treat them accordingly," explains Sergio about his approach to clients.

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The salon saw a major positive change when Sergio introduced the online scheduling system, Reservio. Clients can now book online and conveniently 24/7. "Online bookings have replaced a large portion of phone orders, which has made it easier for receptionists to focus more on our customers in the salon. Everyone is happy," says Sergio.

Because Reservio operates in 13 languages, customers from all over the world can use it. So, where will the success stories take us next? Will we stay in Europe, or will we venture to Brazil, Indonesia, Australia, or even the USA? Stay tuned and find out!


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