Get to know Reservio

We are a fun team of friendly, forward-looking people.
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We're trusted

Part of the Reservio's success comes from our open, straight-forward approach to business and people.

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Software Advice Front Runners 2021 badge
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Making things better

Our goal is to make people's lives better by saving time on everyday tasks.

  • Businesses count on us to reduce their daily tasks
  • Automatization makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside
  • We help develop community cohesion through connection
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We enjoy the ride

What's the point of working without a bit of fun mixed in? Reservio works hard, but also plays hard.

  • Regular team building activities
  • Breakfasts, happy hours, and barbecues
  • Volunteer and community-building events
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Our motto is "simple & efficient"

Our original idea of simplicity lives on in everything we do. From product design to team management, we love being efficient.

  • We strive to always do better
  • Saving people's time is our mantra
  • Reservio loves automating processes
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Constantly developing

We know that Reservio's strength comes from its people. Our success stems from team as well as individual development.

  • Reservio loves to hear from all sides
  • We're always looking for better ways to do new things
  • Employees benefit from professional development opportunities

Perks @ Reservio

Progressive people
We're open-minded and welcome new challenges
Our experts and specialists are top-notch
Best friends welcome
Work in a pet-friendly, comfy office space
Wind down
Join our after-work hangs for a bit of fun and laughs

Awesome! Let me also ask...

The interview process is relatively straightforward. We invite local candidates to our offices for the initial interview or offer remote meetings for our international applicants.
If we see potential and decide to move on with the candidate, there is typically a task that is assigned to assess specific skills. Once the task is completed, we’ll review it, and, if successful, schedule a final meeting to iron out the details of employment.
Reservio generally follows a typical workday schedule Monday to Friday. This ensures that team members, both in the office as well as remote, can interact, hold meetings, and solve issues during the workday.
We do offer off-hour work times in certain situations to accommodate team members who live in other regions or have special circumstances.
Overall, we do our best to accommodate all of our employees’ scheduling needs.
We encourage team members to work where they feel most productive and comfortable. While we have limited space in our central office, we are always happy to have a coffee and catch up face to face.
Of course, we have a number of employees who work from home as well as remotely.
Reservio offers employees several opportunities for professional development. These include language lessons, webinars and conferences, online courses, and anything else that further develops team members both personally and professionally.
Our centrally-located office in the city of Brno is surrounded by yummy places to grab a quick, healthy bit. There are also plenty of pubs and beer gardens for afternoon happy hours!
While parking can be tricky for any office near the center of the city, we do have a few options.
The exhibition grounds across the street offers parking as well as a few other hotels in the neighborhood. Additionally, there are parking garages spread throughout the city. Otherwise, street parking is an option, but not always available.
We love animals so feel free bring your best friend to the office.
As to keep the office a peaceful working environment, please make sure your four-legged friend is comfortable around other people and has basic manners :)
We have two showers available at the office for everyone to use. Feel free to bring your towel and necessary toiletries.
We only ask that you keep the shower area clean and the way that you found it. This ensures that others after you will have a pleasant, clean showering experience :)

Want to join our awesome team and build incredible products?

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic, ambitious, and talented people who want to be part of the Reservio team.