Online Booking Trends for the Near Future

Nov 6, 2023
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Online booking is a growing trend. In fact, it's estimated that over $35 billion in total will be spent on online bookings in 2023. This should be a sign for appointment-based companies to stay competitive and pay attention to how their clients book services. 

The number of people using their mobile devices is still increasing. What will this mean for the companies? Reservio will introduce you to five main trends that might increase the number of online bookings in your business in the near future! 

Mobile-first booking

Mobile devices have become an essential tool for almost every aspect of our lives, including booking appointments and availing services. The increasing reliance on mobile devices for these tasks has given rise to the phenomenon of mobile-first booking. Customers now expect businesses to offer mobile-friendly booking options, enabling them to conveniently schedule appointments and access services anytime and anywhere. It also eliminates the need for time-consuming phone calls or visits to physical locations, providing a seamless and efficient experience directly from the palm of their hands.

Statistics reveal that over 60% of online bookings in the service industry are made through mobile devices. Businesses that have adopted mobile-first booking have witnessed a notable boost in customer engagement and retention rates. 

Mobile apps and websites optimized for smartphones and tablets

As the demand for mobile-first experiences surges, businesses are embracing mobile apps and developing responsive websites optimized for seamless booking on smartphones and tablets. Mobile apps provide personalized features and functionalities, allowing customers to create accounts, receive notifications, and manage bookings with ease. On the other hand, responsive websites adapt to various screen sizes, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly experience across different devices.

Chatbots and voice bots 

You've probably heard about chatbots or voice bots, but what exactly are they? Chatbots and Voice bots are a new and innovative way to interact with customers using text, voice, and/or video chat. They can be used to book appointments, answer questions, increase sales, provide customer service, and even provide product information. 
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For example, your patients may use a voice bot to schedule their next appointment with the doctor or order food for delivery or pick-up in your restaurant. Chatbots and Voice bots can also handle repetitive tasks such as ordering flowers, searching for flight status updates, and more. 

Live chat 

Live chat is a great way to communicate with your customers. It's also one of the easiest ways for them to get in touch with you, so it can be a big help when it comes to increasing conversions and reducing abandonment rates. 

Live chat is a personalized way that helps you improve customer satisfaction by making sure they're always taken care of, no matter what they want or need from you at that moment.

Augmented reality technology 

AR technology is used in many different industries, including beauty and real estate. The technology allows users to interact with their surroundings via their mobile device or tablet, creating a realistic visual experience that merges the real world with digital content. 

For example, AR tech may be used to show your customers how your beauty salon looks before booking their appointment—or it could be used for more complex applications such as allowing them to see how furniture will fit into their living room before buying it online. 

Overall, it is a great time to consider incorporating these technologies into your online booking system and increasing the number of online bookings. Making it easier for clients to navigate through your booking site or app will always bring gratitude and profit.

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