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Firstly, it's important to correctly set up the conditions of online bookings.

You find them in the Settings under the Business tab (among others, you can also set a new password, time zone, or menu there). Overview of your account settings is divided into 4 parts:

  • Bookings
  • Email + SMS notifications
  • Localization
  • Security

Right now, let's focus on the first two options connected to online bookings.

Guide image - Online Booking settings

Most online booking settings can be adjusted here. To change any of these options, just click anywhere in the window.

  • In the first line, set the latest time possible for your clients to book your service. Just click on the drop down list with automatically pre-set 1 day and select preferred time – from 1 hour right up to 60 days.
  • Following exactly the same steps, set the earliest time your clients can start booking – it can be up to 1 year in advance (just make sure the entry is higher than the previous setting).
  • Next option is very interesting. You can set the time interval for each booking. Automatically pre-set time is 15 minutes. That means clients see 15 minute breaks between each available booking. You can easily change this data by clicking on the drop down list.
  • In the next line, set how much in advance of the appointment clients can still cancel their bookings. Besides the time options of 1 to 30 days, you can also select Never and Whenever (the last option is for sure interesting for clients – you, however, might not be quite as excited when somebody cancels their booking 2 minutes before the meeting).
  • You should also pay attention to the next settings. Decide whether the system should send clients emails reminders about the upcoming appointment. It may be useful when the bookings are made in advance. Besides setting if the email should be sent at all, you can also select how far in advance it will be sent.

You can just as easily set the option of booking only for existing clients. New clients will be notified about their inability to book the service. If a new client would like to to make a booking, you'll need to add him into the system manually.

On the next row, mark whether you want to manually confirm each booking.

Manual confirmation will help you keep an eye on clients and their bookings, but it may cost you some precious time, which you can otherwise save by enabling the automatic confirmation.

The last option offered in the Booking field is to remove the Reservio logo from the booking form, profile pages and email notifications – this option applies only for Pro premium services.

Now just click Save.

Guide image - Bookings

Can I see an example?

Imagine you have a beauty salon. You would surely appreciate to know at least a day in advance, which clients are going to come to prepare everything.

However, at the same time, it's ineffective for you to schedule half a year in advance. To make the booking as effective as possible, set that clients can book their appointment a no sooner than 1 day in advance and no later than a month in advance.

Select that they can cancel their booking 2 days in advance. As you don't want your clients to forget to come or cancel their booking, you will also set the email notifications3 days in advance.

It can all be done within just 2 minutes. Let's do it!

  • In the first line of booking settings, select option 1 day – and clients can book no sooner than 1 day in advance.
  • In the next line, set that clients can book no later than 30 days in advance.
  • The option to pick booking in 15 minutes intervals works for you, so you're not going to change it. You, however, want to adjust the field Clients can cancel their advance. From the drop down menu, select 2 days.
  • Now set the automatic email notifications on booking. Just choose the right option from the drop down menu – 3 days. Clients will receive email notifications 3 days before the appointment takes place.
  • Then choose following option: who can make Only existing clients can create bookings. After all, you surely appreciate new clients, even if you don’t know them yet.
  • You want to keep track of all the bookings, tag following option: I want to manually confirm every booking, created by clients.
  • And if you don't have Premium Services, leave untagged: Remove the Reservio logo from the booking calendar, profile pages and email notifications.

Then simply click on Save button...and that's all :-)

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