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Reservio helps you to manage holidays too. If you want to make your staff happy (or even all of them at once) by approving their holidays, open the section Holidays in the Business tab.

You will see a window with a blue button that says Add holiday. Click on it and holiday settings will open. Here you will just fill out 3 simple inputs.

  • Enter the Name or type of the holiday (for example Journey to the center of Earth).
  • Now set the duration of the holiday. Click the date, which is automatically set in the bar FROM. A calendar, to choose requested dates from, will appear. Set the TO bar the same way.
  • If the holiday duration is counted in days, check the Whole day option.
  • If the holiday is, for example half day long (or one and a half day, two and a half days etc.), don't check the option. Next to the bars FROM and TO, you will see, a roll-out list to set the beginning and ending time of the holiday. It is located next to the date of the beginning and ending of the holiday. Simply click the time and choose the requested one from the list.
  • The last line is Assign staff. Choose a staff from the roll-out list (one or more), who will be assigned the holiday. You can grant holidays to all staff at once, by simply checking the All staff option.

After that, just click the Save button and you can start packing.

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