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Entered information about the client can be easily changed. Just pick the appropriate client and click on him in the Client tab. A card with his information will open up. After that click on the cog icon in the upper right corner and the same table, as the one that you saw when adding a new client, will appear.

If you want to erase the client from the system, do it here by clicking the Delete button.

In the client's card you will now also see (apart from basic information) a lot of detailed information, which are important for your client relationship:

  • You will see all past and pending bookings.
  • You will be able to immediately know, if the client attends regularly and which services he uses.
  • Surely you will be now able to come up with appropriate services which would suit the client, or whether he deserves a discount.

You will also find space for adding more notes. It's purpose is to fill in information which might help improve the next visit (for instance: “Last time I dyed Jane's hair with the K54 shade and she thought it was too bright- next times try something darker.”

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