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Finally we reached the point, which probably interests you the most-service settings. These are the settings of the services the clients will book with you.

Open the tab Business , click on the box Services and we can start Add services.

Guide image - Adding a new service

First thing you can notice in the folder, is a list of ready-made services. Also notice a blue icon, which says Add service. This will concern you now the most.

Click on the icon and start with filling in the table Add new service:

  • Fill in the Service name so your clients can easily recognize it.
  • Write your Description into the next box (for example that you use the highest quality materials in the area, or that the length of the service can be different depending on the talkativeness of the client ;-). The description will not just be seen by you, but also by clients on your booking pages.
  • You are already familiar with the box Duration from your registration. You will set the usual duration of the service in this box.
  • For you and your clients, the Price tab is surely very important.
  • In the box Assign staff with service, you can add staff, which carry out the work. All you need to do is click on the icon with an arrow. A list will unfold with all your staff. In this list you will tag those, who offer the service (if all of them carry out the service, you don't need to click on the icon- they are already tagged automatically).

The only thing left now is just tuning up a few details:

  • Choose a color, which will differentiate the particular service in the calendar. Simply click on one of the colored frames.
  • If you tag the option Ask for additional information when booking online, an input will appear. The question you typed there will show in the booking form and the client can answer it while booking. For example if he has a voucher and what is the number of it.

The final box is very important- Clients can book this service. if you don't tag it, clients will not be able to see the service on your booking page.

When you are satisfied with the service settings you have made, click the Save button.

Guide image - Adding a new service

I could use an example

Imagine you have a staff Jack Butcher, who likes to work at night. His main purpose of the job are various meetings. So you want to add night meetings with Jack into offered services.

  • You add Night meeting into the Service name .
  • Since such a meeting is priceless, you add it to the Description.
  • Jack can manage night meetings quite fast , so set the Duration for half an hour. Do this by clicking on the unfolding list with time options and choose the particular time.
  • Now set the Price of the meeting. Since it is a spectacular experience, set it for example to 250 $.
  • Now add the staff. Click on the sign All staffin the box Assign staff. Untag the original option and tag only Jack.
  • By clicking on the red color add a color to the service. This color will manifest the service in your calendar.
  • According to the staff and the type of the service, it is useful to ask the client some kind of question. To do, that click the option Ask for additional information whenbooking online and type “Do you have life insurance ?” into the text field.

Now tag the option Clients can book this service and click the Save button. From this moment the first brave souls can start making bookings with you on your booking page :-)

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