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You've successfully finished your registration, so let's move on to create your first booking. You can do it in the Calendar and it is even easier than the registration.

You can add the event right after logging in and clicking on the Create event button (or by clicking into the calendar – just choose the field with an appropriate date and time). A form will appear, which you fill out in a few seconds.

  • Start with Event name. It should be clear enough, so that everybody knows what it is about.
  • In Assign staff field, choose from the drop down menu the staff who takes care of this event.

Setting the Time and Duration of event is just as easy.

Guide image - Create an event

  • Click on the automatically set date. You see a calendar from which you can select the appropriate day.
  • Click on the time. A drop down menu will appear, and you can pick the starting hour of your event (If there isn't specific time on the list, fill it in manually)
  • Click on the time displayed in the Duration field and select the duration of your event. You can pick time ranging from 5 minutes up to 12 hours. In case you can't find the duration in the drop down menu, fill it in manually.
  • Capacity field shows the capacity of your event. Click on this field and fill in the correct number.

Add any note regarding the event into the Description field. For example note what participants should bring along for the event or for whom it is suitable.

  • In the Price field, fill in how much your event costs.
  • Match the event with a specific color. It may come in handy if you want to distinguish between different events based on their type or trainer.
  • If the event repeats, click on the Repeat field and Add repeat. Select the repeat pattern (daily, weekly, monthly) including the number of occurrences and the ending date.

At the end of the table, you can select This event is private. It means clients won't see this event on your website. Then it's available only to those to whom you send the link or add them yourself.

Don't forget to save your event – it immediately shows up in the calendar and your clients can see it.

Guide image - Create an event

I would appreciate an example

You would like to have a Zumba course for adults and advanced, led by your trainer Quido. The course started on 25th March 2014, it occurs once per month, beginning at 2:15pm, one event lasts nine and a half hour and there are 158 event in totals.

  • In the Title field type down Zumba for adults and advanced.
  • Click on the arrow next to the Assign staff field and select Quido from the drop down menu.
  • Now, set the date and time. Click on the pre-set date, time and duration of the event and select following information: 3/25/ 2014, time: 2:15 PM, duration: 9:30.
  • Quido is a great trainer, but he's also an introvert and likes to stay away from too many people. That's why only 1 person can attend his course. In the Capacity field, fill in number 1.
  • Quido likes to have someone he already knows to attend his course, so in the description type down it's intended for those who attended Zumba course for young and beginners.
  • Although Quido is an introvert, he has a big heart and does this course for free. Even more than that, he also pays the rent for the room. Therefore the price is symbolic 1$ for client. Add number 1 to the Price field.
  • As the events take place every month, click on Add repeat and select following options: Repeat: Monthly (select from the drop down menu), Repeat once per: 1 month, Ends: after 158 occurrences (just rewrite the number of occurrences in the text field).

Finally, save everything and Quido can welcome his first client.

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