Business assistant

Get a smart assistant who will help you with your daily business life and make it easier.

What can your assistant do for you?

Why to think about statistics as something boring? Use it for effective planning. With our smart tools you will have a great insights into your business performance.

  • check Send reminders to your clients to reduce no-shows
  • check Work with statistics to see what's going on with your business
  • check Plan shifts for your employees
  • check Get a clear reports about your staff, appointments and clients
  • check Use role-based permissions
  • check Create independent plan for each staff member
  • check Assign passes and loyalty bonuses

Your assistant everywhere

Bring your Business assistant anywhere you go. Reservio works on desktop, Android or iOS devices.


Manage your team

Each of your employees has different needs. Assign shifts, specific services and role - based permission to them individually.

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