Appointment scheduling with online payments

Simplify your booking management with direct online payments for appointments, classes, and events. Save time, earn more, and grow your business with Reservio.
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How online payments work

Currently available only in the Czech market.
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Clients choose a service, pass, or membership 24/7 from anywhere, on any device.

Final price

Customers know the final price for services and products in advance. No surprises.

Online payment

During the reservation process, clients are automatically redirected to the payment gateway.


If a client cancels a reservation in time, the amount is automatically returned to their bank account.
Online payment services are currently only available in the Czech market. Check back later for rollouts in other regions.

Save time and work with cashless payments

Eliminate cash payments on the spot, save on paperwork, and take back control of your time. Focus on the essentials of your business with a smart reservation system.
  • Online payments are 100% safe and secure.
  • Streamline the entire appointment process from booking to payment.
  • Say "au revoir" to cash payments and needless paperwork.
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Online payments guarantee a profit in advance

Increase your income security by activating online payments. When clients pay during the booking process, your income is secure regardless if they show up or not.
  • Customers pay for the service in advance.
  • Keep your income consistent regardless of client attendance.
  • If clients cancel in advance, the amount is credited back to their account automatically.
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Clients pay online for services, passes, and memberships

Online payments are used for your services as well as loyalty program. Conveniently offer and manage gift cards, punch cards, and memberships.
  • Easily activate online payments for your services.
  • Offer, sell, and manage passes and memberships online.
  • Efficiently keep track of all sales within one, convenient system.
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Get promoted on Reservio Marketplace

Upgrade your Booking Page by activating online payments. This strengthens your online marketing reach and allows new clients to find your business.
  • Be more visible to the world at or with your new Booking Page.
  • Tap into the local market and reach new clients in your community.
  • Let the internet work for you and organically attract more bookings.
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Manage your schedule and payments easily from any device

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Benefits of online payments

The Reservio Business app helps run and manage the financial side of your business. Set prices, offer passes, complete payments, and track your revenue all in one place.
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Guaranteed profit

By activating online payments, profits are guaranteed when reservations are made.
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Get paid in advance 24/7

Let your clients book and pay directly from any device round the clock.
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Safe & secure

Online payments are safer, more secure, and more convenient than cash payments.
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Enhanced promotion

Reach more clients online with Marketplace @ and
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New Booking Page

Upgrade your Booking Page and get paid instantly with online payments.
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Save time

Cashless payments are faster, more reliable, and require zero paperwork.

Online payment FAQs

It’s as easy as pie.
Simply write our Customer Care Team by email or chat and your request will be handled as soon as possible. Some basic information about your business will be needed to help us complete the setup.
At the moment, the online payments feature is only available for businesses operating inside the Czech market.
Ready to get paid instantly? Contact the Customer Care Team here.
The online payment feature is activated and valid across your entire service offer.
However, you can choose whether clients are required to pay online through the payment gateway or have a choice between cash and non-cash payments.
If you set online payments as option for your clients but want to make sure that some of your services can be made in cash, here’s a simple solution. Just enter the value of the service as “0 CZK.” Then your clients can normally book online and pay on the spot at your business.
Prices and deposits for individual services are final on your Booking Page. After the amount is paid through the payment gateway, a 3% commission is deducted by Reservio, with the remaining amount going to your business account.
Overview of payments and documents is found in your account under Business - Payment Overview (in the CZ version as Podnikání - Přehled plateb). Money is transferred regularly every Monday for the previous week’s bookings.
The billing statement details both received and returned payments, total sales, and amount of commission. Reservio also issues a commission invoice with the calculated amount deducted.
After paying, proof of payment is available under the customer’s account at the or Marketplaces and in the Reservio mobile app.
Need help with something else? Contact our Customer Care Team.
Our amazing clients around the world

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Reservio is a very useful scheduling tool for both companies and clients. The mobile app is also great when on the move. The loyalty program with memberships and gift cards as well as the online payment tool give us many ways to reach more clients!
Projekt (dosebe)
Michaela Vejrostová
Reservio has been very helpful in managing my appointments, like a personal secretary. Due to the nature of my work as a psychologist, I can't always be answering calls. Reservio allows my clients to book their own appointments. Simply great!
paula ortiz
Paula Ortiz
Since implementing Reservio, I have tripled the number of appointments with my clients because of the agility and the simple way of requesting appointments. I recommend this app and, of course, the excellent Customer Care team are a life saver!
ADR barbershop
ADR Barbershop
Antonio Domínguez
I'm very satisfied with Reservio! The app gives my clients the ability to book online 24/7. The calendar sync automatically updates my schedule. The Reservio Customer Care team is golden too. Thank you!!!
garden fitness
Garden Fitness
Dóra Almási

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